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I grew up attending steam rallies, it was where my love of vintage tractors and machinery first began.

My parents went on to buy me a grey Fergie as a boy, which I restored slowly, learning along the way.

After leaving school I trained as an engineer to further expand my skillset, with up-to-date techniques. This enabled me to restore the Field Marshall I, by that time, had saved up to own.

As life has gone on, I have worked on several tractors, as my own collection grew, but also many on behalf of friends and those met along the way at rallies and village fetes, before finally deciding to turn my love of bringing a tractor back to life, into a living for me and my family.

I have been lucky enough to work on a wide range of machines, from a rare Fordson N Numatic crane to Massey 100 series with everything in between, completing full restorations or just an adjustment here and there to get someone up and running again.


During my past 34 years of experience with tractors, my passion has not waivered but some things have changed – technology. With this in mind, although being a man that is more commonly found with a spanner in his hand, rather than an iPhone, I have finally decided it is time I embraced modern technology and created a website enabling me to showcase, examples of, what I am most proud of.


Our Work

Fordson Super Dexta

Oil pressure issue


Starting out with an issue of low oil pressure and then following repairs elsewhere, switching to dangerously high oil pressure. Having had a full engine rebuild and a new oil pump fitted prior to coming to us, an oil pressure of 90psi clearly indicated there was still a problem somewhere.  


With patience and methodical workmanship, Thornhill Tractors were able to finally resolve the issues once and for all and restore this tractors oil pressure to a healthy level of 40psi, meaning she is now free to attend local village fetes and enjoy the countryside with her owner, as intended.


Being able to resolve an issue which has been ongoing and persistent for some time has been very satisfying. 


Projects like this make us proud to do what we do.

marshall renovation 1.jpg
resto 2.jpg

Field Marshall series 2

Vintage Field Marshall Series 2 tractor, full concours restoration

resto 3 (1).jpg
resto 3 (2).jpg

Grey Ferguson wheels


Full restoration

peggy unrestored.JPG
peggy 1.jpg

1936 Foster threshing machine

Full restoration from working to show condition

peggy4 (2).JPG
peggy 2.jpg

Lovingly known as 'Peggy' by her owners

Massey Ferguson 
Roof hatch refurbishment

Part sourced and refurbished for customer 


1952 Ferguson TED petrol parrafin

Light engine rebuild for a repeat customer

fergie engine rebuild.jpg

Field Marshall mudguards

Mudguard repair and repaint

mudguard 2 (1).jpg
mudguard 2 (2).jpg
mudguaRD 3.jpg
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