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Thornhill Tractors 
Terms and conditions of business 

The below information details our terms and conditions of business, in relation to sales, restorations and mechanical repairs.


All sales of tractors, machinery, implements and parts are made in good faith, with any known defects brought to the attention of our customers verbally or via our product descriptions thoroughly detailed on our website. If in the instance a vehicle/implement or part is simply being sold as seen with no prior mechanical inspection by ourselves, Thornhill Tractors cannot be accountable for any subsequent defects found after purchase. 

Delivery is available on items listed for sale at an additional cost, and only at the company's discretion. Please contact us to discuss a quote and the availability of transportation prior to any purchase. 

Upon the agreement of a sale, a deposit or part payment may be requested if full payment cannot be provided immediately. Items will then be considered a pending sale and this will be reflected on our website. Thornhill Tractors reserve the right to determine the amount requested and for this fee to be non refundable should the sale be canceled by the customer without mutual agreement. Payment is accepted via bank transfer, details are provided upon request.

Due to the detailed nature of our descriptions, photos, and where possible videos and welcomed arranged viewings, we believe our customers have as much opportunity as possible to consider their purchases before agreeing to a sale. As a result of this Thornhill Tractors does not accept returns. 

Items are sold as seen, where possible, tried and tested, and without guarantee. 

The collection is required within 14 days of purchase, unless otherwise agreed, prior to completion of the sale. 

Thornhill Tractors reserves the right to change or remove items for sale at any time.

Restorations and Mechanical repairs

Where possible all work to be undertaken will be visually and verbally discussed with you as a customer, in order to ensure a thorough understanding of your needs. Estimates will be provided by Thornhill Tractors within 14 days of this interaction. 

The acceptance of the estimate verbally, via email, or any other telecommunications method, along with payment of a deposit, will be taken as acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Please ensure you have read and fully understood the following:

A 50% labour contribution and full costs of parts are to be paid, in full, prior to any restoration work commencing. This is due to the allocation of workshop time and parts being purchased specifically for the work requested. Should allocated workshop time be canceled without 28 days prior notice, or prior mutual agreement, Thornhill Tractors reserves the right to retain the full sum of this payment.Any deposit agreed upon must be paid prior to the commencement of work on any vehicle for repair or restoration.

Supplied quotes provided by Thornhill Tractors are valid for 28 days from the date of the estimate.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the restoration process, it is difficult to determine an exact estimation, as often there can be unforeseen works found that cannot initially be accounted for, however this will be communicated and no additional work undertaken without the customers consent.

Any additional work requested by the customer during or on completion of the restoration that is not included in the original estimate will be subject to further charges.

During the duration of the project, stage payments will be requested. This may happen if additional work, not in the original quote is requested. As detailed above, payment of 50% labour and the full cost of parts will be requested. Once this part of the job is complete the remainder of the balance for this particular work will be requested. Monies to conclude the original quote will be requested upon completion of the project. 

It is strict company policy that once all works have been completed and before the vehicle leaves the premises, any amounts outstanding are to be settled in full.

Collection and return delivery can be arranged at an additional cost, and only at the company's discretion. Please contact us to discuss a quote and availability of transportation prior to booking.

All vehicles are left at the customer’s own risk. The customer must ensure that appropriate insurance is in place at all times while repair/restoration work is undertaken as only limited cover is in place for customers’ vehicles and no liability will be accepted for any loss or damage to customers’ vehicles.

Thornhill Tractors accept no responsibility for any personal items left on or in the tractors whilst repairs are carried out.

Thornhill Tractors cannot be accountable for any visual or mechanical defects which should occur in the future, as a result of mechanical failure. Demonstrations will be provided to our customers, in a video or in person verifying the resolution of original issues and thus demonstrating good workmanship undertaken with reasonable care and skill. 

Thornhill Tractors uses modern, quality products and sealants to assist in postponing future corrosion issues. Under no circumstance does Thornhill Tractors offer any warranty/guarantee or accept responsibility for future corrosion.

Please note that Vintage tractor, implement and or parts restoration is a timely process and under no circumstances will Thornhill Tractors be rushed whereby the quality or standard of work may be compromised. The customer will be kept updated on progress and only where possible will an estimation of the return date will be provided.

In the event of work being delayed or halted due to an emergency, illness, or accident, Thornhill Tractors will not compensate customers. Instead, any issue will be communicated to the customer at the earliest possible opportunity and reasonable measures will be undertaken by Thornhill Tractors to minimize and or prevent any inconvenience caused. 


Please note that photos and videos may be taken throughout and upon completion of the restoration project detailing workmanship. These are used for both customer and company use to record progress, provide history for the vehicle, and evidence of work carried out/workmanship. Thornhill Tractors reserves the right to keep and use these images/videos. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our terms and conditions of business. We look forward to welcoming your business with a mutual understanding of expectations.


(Updated October 2022)

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